Who we are

Carlos A. Rossi and Violeta Taylhardat have combined over thirty years in the Oil- Energy business. Rossi is an International Economist (MAS Sussex University, England/ BAS American University, USA), He first engaged in petroleum energy in the mid 1990’s as The Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington DC, then worked at PDVSA headquarters, Venezuela’s national oil company, for almost 5 years where he served as Senior Economic & Financial Analyst in both the Exploration and Production Departments, providing economic oil project evaluation appraisals, recommending financial structuring that maximized shareholder value and stakeholder wealth. Rossi voluntarily left PDVSA shortly before the political upheavals in 2002 and became the Principal Economic Advisor of the newly formed AVHI (Venezuelan Association of Hydrocarbons), the chamber of the privately owned national and international oil companies with E&P operations in Venezuela.  AVHI promoted the interest of energy companies as: British Petroleum, Chevron, China National Petroleum Corporation, Conoco Phillips, ENI, Exxon-Mobil, Harvest Vinccler, Inelectra, Inpex, Lukoil, Mitsubishi, Otepi, Perenco, Petrobras, Petro-Canada, Pluspetrol, Repsol, Shell Oil, Suelopetrol, Statoil, Total, Viccler Oil & Gas amongst others. In this highly challenging position Rossi aided and conducted for almost seven years the analysis of economic/ financial issues of Venezuelan public energy policy; tax analysis; investment strategy; endogenous development; trends in the international Oil & Gas Balance as it affects international prices; lobbing and Intelligence gathering.

Carlos A. Rossi, President and Owner

Before engaging in energy, Rossi worked as a development and financial economist in the regional multilateral institution the Andean Development Corporation. Carlos is a member of the International Association of Energy Economists and the Venezuelan Center for the Diffusion of Economic Knowledge.

Carlos A. Rossi became a professor of petroleum economics in several universities in Venezuela, has written many books and economic articles and given several national/international conferences on oil energy and economic trends. His books are The Energy Within Economics and the Bubble Envelope Theory for Human Prosperity (Nova Science Publishers, New York,2012) The Completion of the Oil Era: The Economic Impact (New York, Nova Science Publishers 2010; pp 229). El Epilogo del Petróleo (Caracas, Panapo, 2007; pp 192); and Caida y Auge de America Latina (Caracas, Panapo, 2000; pp 343). In his latest book Rossi proves with statistical observation the critical importance of energy within the core functions of economics production, consumption, growth and monetary creation and thus energy’s decisive role in human prosperity, an environmental constrained model that enhances and delimits prosperity.

In all his writings Rossi gives compelling arguments for economists to help energy scientists combat the world’s depletion of petroleum resources with a combination of international coordinated energy based monetary policies and aggressive investment strategies in non-conventional oil and alternative energy sources.

Violeta Taylhardat, General Director

Violeta Taylhardat is a Geodesic Engineer with almost 20 years of experience in the oil and gas business. She holds a Masters Degree MSc from the Laval University, Canada, where she especialized in Geographic Information Systems and a Bachelors Degree in Geodesic Engineering from Zulia University. She also holds a business specialization degree from the IESA in Caracas, Venezuela

Violeta’s experience has been geared in the E&P areas of the upstream oil industry, where she managed cartographic and database information in PDVSA and private consulting companies as Infoterra, NCT, ALP and Vetra. As a professional with a long experience and knowledge in systems and in the oil industry process, she accomplished the reenginering and unification of Exploration technical process after the PDVSA unification.

Violeta´s academic experience includes head lecturer of the University Extension Course of Induction to GIS in the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She has published in specialized magazines of Geodesy and Data Management, in spanish, english and french, languages that she speaks fluently.