What we do

At EnergyNomics we produce digital reports aimed to provide our clients with analyzed and specialized information on World and Venezuelan energy-economic news and trends as it affects the price of oil, both short term and long term, and the behavior of the principal economic variables of Venezuela. We do this through four different tools:

  1. A monthly report of Venezuelan Energy & Economic Trends
  2. A monthly report of World Energy & Economic Trends
  3. Periodic reports on Venezuelan politics
  4. One yearly comprehensive report on the state of the Venezuelan oil and non-oil economy, published in February of every year. This report includes econometric projections of the principal macro-variables for the next three years.

The sum total of these reports is your product. We produce at least 27 reports per year, all written in English.

We also provide periodic economic and energy news to all our clients free of charge. On both the economics and energy front we provide breakdown expertise on World and Venezuelan economic-financial-fiscal-price and trade trends as it affects energy issues. Our chief purpose at EnergyNomics is to have our clients best informed on their productive decisions within the energy market world wide, as well as the Venezuelan economic market. We also provide one-on-one company consulting in all these areas.

WHY WE DO IT: EnergyNomics is the combination of two words and two concepts which up to now have been treated separately: Energy and Economics. The first is generally regarded to belong to the realm of the physical science while the latter to the sphere of the finance-investor. This separation of energy matter and economics worked well for a long time because all primary energy sources, specially oil, were abundant, safe and cheap that they were often taken for granted.

At EnergyNomics we know better. We do see the need to change with the times. Years of research have convinced us that both energy and economics interact with each other and enhance each other’s scope to explain, increase and even delimit human prosperity. Witness the dire situation of the high oil importing nations of Europe. Modern western civilization has been increasingly reliant on hydrocarbon energy sources ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution because energy is within the core functions production, consumption, growth and monetary creation.  It is the  primary sources of energy, particularly oil for its superior properties, that have so profoundly impacted, empowered, fueled and continue to do so for all economic arenas of agriculture, industry, transport and finance and in the process transforming and enriching the prosperity of mankind.  Energy, as E.F. Schumacher a famous German economists wrote:”is.. the pre-condition of all commodities, a basic factor equally with air, water and earth’’.

In EnergyNomics we know that the reason this is important now is because energy, unlike the other elements Schumacher mentioned, is becoming ever more scarce, and expensive (quantity & quality).  By integrating energy and economics into EnergyNomics we incorporate  both branches of science because scientists cannot solve this problem on their own as they only account for the supply side. Energy Scientist need informed energy economists to help from the demand side of the equation the management of World economic growth–the prime driver of oil consumption– and provide creative financial ideas to aggressively invest and develop all forms of alternative energy to recover the sources of these growth. The Leitmotif of our work: Provide economists with the information and economic policy tools of the energy within economics. The motto of our company E²+L=P². Energy availability times appropriate Economic policy plus the Law equals Productivity times Prosperity.