What We Do

At EnergyNomics we produce digital reports aimed to provide our clients with analyzed and specialized information on World and Venezuelan energy-economic news and trends as it affects the price of oil, both short term and long term, and the behavior of the principal economic variables of Venezuela. We do this through four different tools:

  1.  A monthly report on World and Venezuelan Energy trends: 11 reports per year
  2.  A monthly report on World and Venezuelan Economic trends: 11 reports per year
  3.  One Quaterly Report on selected themes and issues:  4 reports  per year
  4.  One yearly report on 3 year Venezuelan Econometric Projections: 1  report
  5.  Financial Brokerage for Project Finance in Hard Currency (large  loans)

The sum total of these reports is your product. We produce at least 27 reports per year, all written in English.